Your job demands a lot more than what it says on your
card. You need your vehicle to be more than a van.
It's Your Mobile Office


It's Your Office

Innovation comes to the commercial vehicles cabin. Superior engineering and design give you the ultimate office on wheels.

Call Center: Available hands-Free Bluetooth® Phone System
Desk Time: Smart Storage and Sliding Desktop
Personal Assistant: In-Dash Navigation


It's Your Warehouse

Versatile~Customizable~Endless options to fit your specific cargo needs!

Work Shop: Customizable Cargo Space with Stand-Up-In High Roof
Storage Facility: 323+ Cubic ft. of Cargo Room (High roof only)
Loading Dock: 243° Wide~Opening Doors

Engineering and Performance

It's Your Headquarters

You spend most of your working day in your vehicle. It's your command center.

Infrastructure: Full-Length, Fully-Boxed Ladder Frame
All Business Engine: Available V6 and V8 Engines
Smooth Operations: 5-Speed Automatic Transmission, Standard


It's Your Ad Agency

Your vehicle is your traveling billboard. With the exclusive Nissan vehicle graphics program, you can drive right off the lot with your own customized logo.

Marketing Department: Large Side Panels Perfect for Advertising

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Pat Fischer Nissan

We have extended service hours for all of our Commercial Vehicle customers.  We know and understand the vital roles that your Commercial vehicles play in your businesses, and we will get you in and out as fast as we can...